Zoom Issue with Outlook Add-In

Zoom Issue with Outlook Add-In

Some users were reporting an issue with the Zoom for Outlook Add-In that is not allowing authentication into Zoom to be completed.

This issue is known and the Princeton Zoom Admin Team is working to resolve it.
We will update this page once it’s been resolved.


When authenticating from the Zoom for Outlook Add-In, the users are able to submit their credentials for the SSO authenticatio, but receive the following error message:

This appears to be an issue with the embedded browser and working with the DUO 2FA webpage.


**This issue has been resolved**

DUO was able to perform an update to the Princeton account on the backend and users should be be able to authenticate through the Outlook Add-In into Zoom and continue using the app integration.

Instructions to Sign In to the Zoom for Outlook Add-In