cPanel for departmental use: Small-scale shared PHP/MySQL web service

OIT provides a "LAMP" (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) service to academic and departmental organizations for web hosting.


Departmental cPanel LAMP service

The service is offered at no charge, and is appropriate for departments engaged in the business of the University. It is designed for small web applications that have low network bandwidth requirements and are not CPU-intensive. To qualify for this free service, hosted web applications must be able to coexist on a shared server with many other departmental web sites. Departments are responsible for their web design, development work, and application security. 

The OIT cPanel Service includes the plug-in called Installatron, which quickly installs open source software such as WordPress, Drupal, and numerous other utilities and tools to enable web authoring and content management online. It also simplifies patching and updating.

cPanel LAMP service provides:

Customers get 7 GB of disk space on each Departmental cPanel account server, i.e., production and development.

If your department would like to request the cPanel LAMP service, please follow

cPanel Account Creation Instructions.



Personal cPanel service

Also available is the Personal cPanel service, which is primarily intended for students, student groups, and individual faculty and staff. The Personal cPanel service will provide the same services as the Departmental cPanel Service except for vanity addressing and a development environment. For more information, please see: Knowledge Article 1123.