Eduroam Wireless: Install Eduroam Wireless Profile for Linux device using manual steps or CAT Tool

What is the Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT)?

The Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT) helps you connect securely to the Eduroam wireless service. The tool provides a guided process to identify your device and operating system, then establish a secure wireless connection.

It is the recommended method for use on many devices including:

How to connect

1. Visit to download the profile for your device.


2. Use the search field or from the list select your home institution, Princeton University.


3. The webpage will auto detect your device type. Select the option presented by the page.


4. Proceed to download the presented file.


5. Open a terminal window and execute the python script by typing ‘python’ 


6. The following window will appear


7. Accept to continue the installation.


8. Enter your "".


9. Enter your "University password".

10. Installation of the CAT configuration is complete. You can now use eduroam.


11. After a brief moment the computer should connect automatically to eduroam.


Manual configuration steps

This information is provided if you experience difficulty using the CAT Tool. Please note that the following steps or order might be different depending on your version of Linux OS.

1. Click on the Network Manager icon in the tray.
2. Select eduroam from the list of networks.
3. Ensure the settings are correct and enter the user’s credentials
4. Wireless security is WPA2 Enterprise.
5. Authentication is Protected EAP (PEAP).
6. Inner Authentication is MSCHAPv2.
7. Anonymous identity is left blank.
8. Key type is Automatic.
9. Identity is your University email address ending with
10. Password is the user’s University password.
11. All certificate or key files are none.
12. Private key is left blank.
13. Click Login to network.


Requesting assistance

If you are a Princeton University member and require assistance, please contact the OIT Support and Operations Center (SOC) using any of the options listed under “Information Technology” on the Contact Us page.