Mobile Technology FAQ

What happens to a mobile device under the University corporate plan when an employee leaves the University?

If the device is new and still has useful life, the department will probably want to transfer ownership to another eligible employee. If the device is old and at the end of its useful life, the department may decide to let the employee take it. If the department is allowing the user to keep their phone the department must contact Resource Recovery to get a purchase quote. The user will be responsible for purchasing the device. 

What if an employee’s status changes?

Department should notify mobile at

What if I damage my device? Who pays for a replacement?

Payment to replace a device is at the discretion of the department. 

What is the mobile contract period?

Princeton University has two (2) year mobile contracts for devices. Purchasing a mobile device on the University Corporate Account enters the user into a 2 year contract with the carrier. 

What if my two year contract is not up and I want to upgrade my phone?

You can upgrade but you will have to pay full retail price for a new device. 

What if I choose to cancel or move the line to another carrier before the 2 year contract ends?

The line will be subject to early termination fees.

If I want to change carriers, is there a termination fee owed to the current carrier?

If you are still under contract and remain with the same carrier, there will be no termination fee.  If you choose to move to another carrier, this will result in early termination fees

Phone Upgrades

Please keep in mind that all new devices come with sim cards, therefore they should not be replaced with sim cards from the old devices. When this takes place it results in a user’s account information no longer being accurate.

Who do I contact regarding a billing error on my account?

Please do not contact Princeton's Finance Group for billing discrepancies. E-mail an explanation and details to and a Unified Communications Services staff member will contact you directly.

What if my device is not working properly?

Please open a ticket with Mobile Technology and someone will be able to assist you.

What if I am having trouble to connecting to Wi-Fi?

Please view the iOS Network Reset Settings page.

How do I add international service to my device for my business trip?

Mobile administrators are required to complete the International request form.

If I have department approval to transfer my personal line into a corporate line (keep my same number), can I do this?

Yes. Please click on: Transferring Your Wireless Number

How are mobile device charges billed? 

All mobile billing charges are billed back to a departmental chart string. Any mobile billing questions or concerns e-mail

What are the benefits of being part of the University’s corporate account program?

What are acceptable examples of a "valid business need"?

For examples please visit the Mobile Communication Devices Policy.

Unwanted Calls

Please visit the Unwanted Telemarketing Calls information pages.