Data Recovery: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Note: If your document/data is stored on one of the following systems, there are different methods to request a restore. 

Hardware Support offers data recovery services to members of the University community.  If you believe you've lost data because of a damaged or inaccessible disk, and you have no backup copy, this service is for you!

If you have data, pictures, or music files which you need recovered from corrupt media, bring it to the OIT Solutions Center or OIT Hardware Support at 171 Broadmead; we offer data recovery services to members of the University community.

We can recover your data from many different types of media  — almost anything you use to store data. We have specialized equipment dedicated solely for data recovery.  This is a walk-in service, you can bring your drive to us at either the Solutions Center at Frist or our offices at 171 Broadmead.  We charge an initial diagnostic fee of ½ to 1 hour. An average recovery takes 2-3 hours, but you will only be billed actual time spent. Because a defective device may completely fail at any time, please bring the drive in at the first sign of failure.


Recovered data will be returned to you on an external hard drive; you can provide your own or purchase one from us.


If we can't recover your data, we can send your drive to a professional data recovery service.  These services open the drive case in a clean room, and may be able to retrieve data from the physical disk platter itself.  These services can be very expensive; costs average $2500, including a non-refundable initial diagnostic fee.