Zoom - Breakout Room Assignments

Zoom Saving Breakout Room Assignments

Assigning participants to breakout rooms within Zoom can be time consuming.
One of the updated features for the latest Zoom desktop client is to allow the host the ability to save breakout room assignments.
This gives them the opportunity to use the same assignments for future meetings.

Saving Breakout Room Assignments

After the breakout rooms have been assigned, either manually or automatically, the Host can choose to save the breakout rooms by clicking the …

Graphical user interface, text, application, chat or text message

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and selecting Save Breakout Rooms

A new window will display allowing the host to name the Breakout Room assignment.

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Once saved, that Breakout room assignment will be available for the host to apply to future meetings.

Applying Saved Breakout Room Assignments to Zoom Meeting

When scheduling a Zoom meeting

The host can select to show more options

displayed are all of the options and one of which is the Breakout Room pre-assign the user can see the option saved in the Select Saved Breakout Rooms

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Need to pre-assign without a saved Breakout Room list?

Pre-Assigning Breakout Rooms

The host can manually create the Rooms and manually add users to them by clicking the + Create Rooms

And then entering the participants for the rooms and renaming the rooms if necessary.

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Importing Pre-Assigned Breakout Rooms

Hosts can import the Rooms and participants from a list. This can save a lot of time for the hosts by importing the list.

The host can select to Import from CSV

A new window will be displayed and the host can upload an existing list in a CSV format (commonly used with excel). Note the formatting of the spreadsheet is important.
Zoom offers a template that can be downloaded from the new window or here.

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The host can modify the names of the rooms and add additional ones (up to 50 total Breakout Rooms).


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The host can also add up to 200 participants and assign them into the Breakout rooms.
B2 (Zoom users email address) is assigned to Breakout Room A2, etc.

Note: the host can assign external participants (Zoom accounts not associated with Princeton emails) into the breakout rooms
(i.e. testuser4@gmail.com or testuser5@mac.com)
These assignments will only work if the participants join using the same Zoom account that is assigned.