MATLAB On and Off-Campus License Renewal for Linux/Unix

For all non-Staff, Student, or Faculty Users (DCU, Research User, Short-term affiliate, Casual/Hourly, etc.)

Since MATLAB made the change to Single Sign-On (SSO), we are unable to automatically renew licenses for users with affiliations that are not Staff, Student, or Faculty.  If you require continued access to MATLAB, kindly email and provide us with a personal email address (not an address).  We will send instructions for setting up your account after assigning license access to the personal email address you provided us.

Manual Activation Instructions

    1. Run ./usr/local/MATLAB/R20XXx/bin/ (where the XXx is your version number i.e. R2022a)
    2. Select "Activate automatically using the internet."
    3. Log in using your Princeton NETID and Password
    4. Select the license from the list of licenses you would like to activate (should be Princeton’s, 296492)
    5. Confirm the activation information.
    6. Click "finish" to complete the activation process.