Moving On: Graduating Undergraduate & Graduate Students

Student Email, Files & Access Closure

65 days after graduation, your Princeton University student email account will close. With this closure, you will lose access to all files, student email and services that require your Princeton netID and password. This includes, but is not limited to, Princeton Google Drive, Princeton Gmail, file servers, Princeton hosted web sites, and some academic software including Office 365.

As a student, you were covered under the University's license for several software titles. Upon your graduation, you must remove this software and, if you want to continue using it, purchase a license for your own use.

Before you graduate, please copy/ move your email and files, transition eligible software licenses and setup email forwarding.

After commencement, claim your Alumni Account and update your contact information with Alumni records.

Email Forwarding

The University does offer email forwarding from your current Princeton University account for 430 days after graduation. Your email will automatically forward to your address or another address if you chose to set one up. After email forwarding ends you will retain your address.

Use VaultMe to Easily Move Gmail and Files

For each graduating student using Princeton Gmail, Princeton University will subsidize one VaultMe migration for up to $25.00.   

VaultMe is a recommended, optional third-party tool that can be used to copy your Princeton student Google account content (email, contacts, calendar and files) to an account of your choice (alumni account, personal account etc.).

Read about VaultMe for Princeton: Google: Easily Move Princeton Gmail and Google Files with VaultMe

Use VaultMe (external link)

How Much Storage are you using?

You can check how much storage you are using by visiting Google Drive Storage.

Manually Move Gmail and Files

If you do not want to use VaultMe, read Google: Manually Move Princeton Gmail and Google Files

Dropbox: Download Files

 How to download an entire folder from Dropbox

Zoom:  Download Recordings

Archive Zoom Recordings

H:Drive Move Files

H:Drive: Access and Move Files

Microsoft: Export Princeton OneNote, Class Notebook, Teams, and OneDrive to another account

Microsoft: Export Princeton OneNote, Class Notebook, Teams, and OneDrive to another account

Outlook 365: Move Your Princeton Exchange Mail

Most students are provisioned with Gmail.  If you are using Outlook 365, instead of Gmail, read Outlook: Move your Princeton Exchange Mail and Contacts.

Personal Websites

To download your personal website files, refer to Personal Websites: Download cPanel and OpenScholar files.

Claim Your Alumni Account (TigerNet)

Within two days of Commencement, your current Princeton University netID will be used to create your alumni TigerNet ID and email.  You will be notified by email (to your current Princeton student email account) with your alumni account information (email address and password).  Upon receipt you must follow the links provided and claim your Alumni account.

Your current student email will be automatically forwarded to your address when your 65-day account transition period has ended.

For more information about TigerNet, go to

Update Your Alumni Contact Information

Following graduation, update your contact information with Alumni Records via email.  Email