Run MATLAB from Nobel Cluster for Windows Computers


 Running MATLAB

  1. Confirm your Unix account is enabled.  See KB Solution Secure Shell (SSH): Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  2. Download the Installer edition of Mobaxterm Home Edition
  3. Install with default options
  4. Launch Mobaxterm
  5. When prompted by Windows Security Alert, select all network types then click Allow access
  6. Click Session
  7. Click SSH
  8. In the Remote host* text field type
  9. Select Specify usename and type your Princeton netid in the username text field, then click OK
  10. Type your Princeton password at the prompt
  11. If your account is not enabled for Duo skip to step 11
  12. Type the number corresponding to the Duo authentication you want to use then press Enter
  13. Complete the Duo two-factor authentication
  14. Select No when asked to save your password to nobel
  15. Run MATLAB by typing matlab
  16. Specific versions can be launched by typing the name as displayed, i.e. matlab-R2016a

 Quitting MatLab