Faculty Computer Program (FCP): Get Started


The Faculty Computing Program (FCP) is an institutionally funded program which provides Apple, Dell or Lenovo computers or laptops to faculty members to aid teaching and scholarship. Through this program, every four years, eligible faculty are able to purchase a laptop or desktop device from a standard list of available models. Computers purchased through this program are the faculty's primary computer, have extended warranty coverage, automated operating system updates, encryption software, automated cloud-based backup, anti-malware and vulnerability monitoring software. Installation of this software is required on equipment purchased through this program. Funding is managed through a financial reimbursement process in each department, and is contingent upon adherence to financial and computing setup requirements.

Eligible Faculty and Researcher Ranks

FCP requests may be submitted throughout the year, following approval from the department chair or delegate. Faculty members should confirm eligibility with their Department Manager. The following professorial-rank faculty and senior lecturers are eligible. The Dean of the Faculty requires FCP members to be appointed for multi-year terms and at 100% duty time.

Eligible Faculty Ranks

Eligible Researcher Ranks

Current Models and Funding

We have partnered with Apple, Dell and Lenovo (through SHI) to offer a standard set of FCP models and kits with 4 year warranty. If one of the standard FCP models does not meet your needs, please speak with the Department IT Support representative (SCAD/DCS) about alternatives and financing.  The computer is required to be your primary computer. Our current offerings include:

The academic department will be reimbursed the total amount of the computer order or the FCP maximum reimbursement amount for the vendor, whichever is less. The current reimbursement amount per vendor is:

Shop and Select

A Princeton netID is required to access the Prime Marketplace. The faculty member or departmental representative may browse available models in the Princeton shopping catalog, Prime Marketplace.  

1. Log into the Prime Portal

Prime Portal Marketplace Shopper

2. Select Marketplace Shopper tile to launch Prime Marketplace.  

3. Navigate to Catalogs:  Technology - For Managed Environments choose Dell, Apple or SHI

  1. Prime Marketplace Catalog

4. Click the Apple, Dell or SHI (use SHI for Lenovo) tile to view their respective catalogs.

5. Browse items, select desired model and add them to the cart.  When selecting, choose an item with “FCP” in the label.

6. Route the cart to the appropriate Requisition Creator in the department for review and requisition creation.  This may be the department IT support representative or another staff member.


FCP orders should be shipped directly to the department SCAD/DCS. 

Computer Setup

When the computer arrives, the department IT support representative completes the setup process.  If the computer was shipped to a home address, contact the department SCAD/DCS. It is helpful to complete this process before personalizing or adding data to the new device. The setup will include:

Upgrade or Replace

FCP computers are eligible for replacement every four years or if/when the equipment falls below Princeton computing standards.  An email is sent quarterly to the department IT support regarding eligibility.  Faculty members may also contact the department IT support to confirm eligibility.

Lost, Stolen or Missing

Follow procedures described here Lost, Stolen, Missing Computer or Device

Contact OIT Support and Operation Center (609) 258-HELP (4357) or helpdesk@princeton.edu

Departure from the University

In the case of departure from the University, University and department departure policies are followed. Review the Resource Recovery Program Guide: Items Used by Professors in Research

Requisition and Purchase Order

This section is intended for department technical and/ or purchasing staff who complete the Requisition and Purchase Order process.

When submitting an FCP requisition, include only one FCP Order per Requisition. 

In the requisition, complete the following fields as follows:

Requisition chartstring

Charges may be split between the FCP and Department/Faculty chartstrings.  In the case of an upgrade, departments may charge the base kit amount to the FCP chartstring, and the upgrade amount to a department or faculty member (sponsored/non-sponsored) chartstring. Charges for replacements and upgrades should be moved by the department to a department or faculty chartstring via a Prime journal entry.

Request Financial Reimbursement

Once the computer has been setup and enrolled in the Faculty Computer Program by the SCAD/DCS, department staff must complete the Faculty Computer Program Reimbursement form.