Network Registration for wired devices or wireless on Servicenet use

To connect a wired device to the campus network, or to use wireless on servicenet, Princeton faculty, students, and staff must first register for networking services. Before you begin, please read the Policies, Terms and Conditions for network services. 

Registering Your Device

  1. Log in with your University netID and password.

  2. You will need to know the MAC address for your device or computer. Find the MAC address(es) for your device.  Please note,  modern versions of iOS (and many Android phones) are defaulting to randomizing MAC Addresses, please disable  MAC Address randomization for the servicenet SSID. Otherwise it won't connect.  

    -- Apple iOS:

    -- Android:  different per vendor

  3. Complete the form at for the appropriate wired and/or wireless registration you are completing.   You can use the form to add new devices, remove devices, or modify device registrations. Transactions will take place instantly with your registration.

  4. Depending on your affiliation (faculty, students, staff) you will be presented with different optional and required fields to complete.  Please be accurate.  The more information you provide, the easier it will be to manage the device in the future. 

  5. If you are a student living in a residence hall with wallbox, please also submit the form to activate your wallbox port.  

For further information, including detail directions, for Network Registration and Asset Management, please review the network registration knowledgebase articles.

Policies, Terms and Conditions

To register a wired device to the campus network, Princeton faculty, students, and staff must register for networking services.

By registering, you agree:

If you agree with the statements above, register your device.

Network Registration Environment Benefits

Benefits of our network registration environment include:


Register your device