Overview for Purchasing a Computer at Princeton

Student Purchases xxxx

The University offers enrolled Princeton students competitively priced, highly capable computers to facilitate academic work. For more information, please see Purchase a Student Computer.

Departmental Purchases

Princeton University has established standards for computers purchased and used for University business.  Selection of these configurations includes the considerations listed below. The purchase of non-standard computers is not recommended for these reasons. A decision to purchase a computer that is not consistent with the established standards should take into consideration the additional support issues associated with that computer.

Authorized departmental representatives make computer purchases directly through the Prime MarketPlace. A select group of recommended bundles are available for departmental ordering as Managed Computer Environments kits.

Faculty Academic Purchases

For information related to purchasing computers as a faculty member for academic purposes, please review Faculty Computing Program: Get Started

Faculty and Staff Personal Purchases

Computers for personal purchase are not offered through the University. However, individuals are encouraged to consider Dell and Apple for personal purchases.  Because everyone's personal computer use case is different, OIT cannot provide recommendations as to what to purchase.   To browse product available from these vendors use the personalized portals linked below.  You will need to identify first the state of New Jersey and then Princeton University to drill down to the offerings.

Please note that any purchase made on a personal credit card will not be reimbursed by the University.  Specific pricing questions cannot be answered by the OIT as the prices and configurations change often and vary according to vendor standard and "special" offerings and availability of stock. It is advised that faculty and staff shop for the best deal using the links provided.   Additionally, computers that are personally purchased by Faculty and Staff are not supported by university resources.    All product support is through the computer vendor or via local computer stores such as the Apple Store or Best Buy "Geek Squad".

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