Barco ClickShare installer

Before you can install Barco ClickShare

The Kace agent must be installed prior to installing Barco ClickShare. To verify whether the Kace agent is installed on your computer or to install it if it is missing, see Article 1104 - Asset Management: Kace software download and installation instructions or contact your SCAD/DCS for assistance. If you do not have a SCAD/DCS contact the SOC for assistance.

Installation Instructions

  1. Browse to
    • If an "Oops! Permission Denied error" appears, make a VPN connection first
    • For information about using VPN at Princeton, see
  2. Log in as, enter your password and respond to the Duo prompt 
  3. Click Downloads in the sidebar
  4. Select Win_Barco-ClickShare_on_demand from the Downloads list
  5. Confirm the IP address displayed at the top of Downloads page matches the IP address in Device to install software on field
  6. Click Install to begin the installation process.
  7. Wait for a Kace Desktop Alert window to appear then click OK to continue
  8. Click OK when installation is complete