Moving On: Faculty and Staff

Transition Period Summaries

Depending on your affiliation and status, you may be granted a transition period before your Princeton account is closed.

DOF Researchers, Specialists, Librarians and Visiting Researchers

HR, Casual, Short Term Professionals & PPPL Staff

Faculty - Tenured and tenure-track

Faculty - Non tenured, non-tenure-track and Visiting Faculty

Staff Retirees

DCU/ Miscellaneous/ Sponsored Affiliates Accounts

Access During Transition and Upon Closure

During your transition period, you will still have access to email, Office 365, Code42 Crashplan (computer backup), Princeton Google services (email, Drive etc), Adobe and Dropbox licenses (if you had previous entitlement) and your Princeton hosted websites.

On the date of your account closure (at the end of your transition period), you will lose access to all of the above.

Update HR Self Service Contact Information

Before you depart, update your HR Self Service Contact Information.  We want to be sure to have your home (personal) email and information on file so that we can contact you regarding HR, Payroll, tax information. It is more complicated and less convenient for you if you request this after you depart (e.g. you will be asked to provide identification proof).

In HR Self Service, Be sure to update your contact information, including your personal email address. 

  1. Navigate to HR Self Service and log in.
  2. Select the Personal Information tile.
  3. Select the Contact Details icon.
  4. Enter your contact information for one or both.
    • personal mobile phone number.
    • home (personal) email address.

Forward Email and Set Automatic Replies 

Once your Princeton account is closed, automatic email replies (out-of-office replies) and forwarding from your Princeton account will no longer work. 

Forward Email and Set Automatic Reply Messages

Dropbox: Move Folders and Files

How to download a file or folder from Dropbox (external link)

Gmail & Google Files: Use VaultMe to Move files

VaultMe is a recommended, optional third-party tool that can be used to copy your Princeton Google account content (email, contacts, calendar and files) to an account of your choice. Faculty and staff are responsible for associated fees with this 3rd party service.  

Read VaultMe Instructions and More Information

Use VaultMe (external link)

How Much Google Drive storage are you using?

You can check how much storage you are using by visiting Google Drive Storage.

Google Drive: Manually Move files

If you do not want to use VaultMe, read Move Princeton Gmail and Google Files: Manual Alternatives.

Zoom:  Download Recordings

Archive Zoom Recordings

H:Drive Access and Move Files

H: Drive: Access and Move Files

Microsoft: Export Princeton OneNote, Class Notebook, Teams, and OneDrive

Microsoft: Export Princeton OneNote, Class Notebook, Teams, and OneDrive to another account

Outlook: Move your Princeton Exchange Mail and Contacts

If you are using Outlook 365, follow the Outlook: Move your Princeton Exchange Mail and Contacts.

Personal Websites: Download cPanel and OpenScholar files

To download your personal website files, refer to Personal Websites: Download cPanel and OpenScholar files.