Central File Server: How to connect to the Shares folder

The Shares folder is a Windows file sharing service provided by OIT to promote document sharing and collaboration across the network and across departments for faculty and staff. Students do not have access to Shares.

Each user has a mininum/maximum quota of 5GB quota. This quota is shared by all folders and/or files you create. The location of the Shares folder on the OIT Central File Server is: \\files\shares.

Windows users
Windows users can connect to the Shares folder in one of two ways. For single session access only:

For access each time you log in to your computer, map the Shares folder to a drive on your computer:

Mac OS X users

Alternative Filesharing Options

For an overview of Online Collaboration Tools at Princeton, please see the FAQ regarding alternatives for online collaboration.

SharePoint can also be used to share documents and enable online discussions. SharePoint has many additional tools that can be used to communicate and coordinate a team including task tracking, calendaring, contact tracking, bug/issue tracking, surveys, forms, announcements, wikis, blogs, and template-based web pages. Microsoft Office applications are “SharePoint-aware” which often makes working in SharePoint seamless. Choose SharePoint if these additional tools and features are important for your work. See: www.princeton.edu/sharepoint for more information.