Gmail: Frequently Asked Questions for Princeton Gmail users

If you have general questions about your Princeton email account, please refer to Princeton Email FAQs.


Frequently asked questions

I have a Princeton Gmail email account; should I still use my address as my email address?

Yes, your email address will still be You will need to use your full Princeton email address as your login username when you log in to your Gmail account.


Can I use a different password in Princeton Gmail?

Your initial Princeton Gmail password must be set using PUaccess. You can later update your password using PUaccess. Your new password will transfer to Google and allow you to access your Gmail account through webmail and mobile applications.

Important! To ensure your Princeton Gmail account remains synched with PUaccess, we recommend you do not reset your password through Google.


What website should I use to get my Princeton Gmail?

You can access your Princeton Gmail through webmail at


What email applications can I use with my Gmail account?

Refer to Email: Get Started with your Princeton email


Are Google Groups available in Princeton Google Apps?

No, not at this time. Please use a consumer Google Group.


What is the size limit for Princeton Gmail file attachments?

When sending and receiving email through your Princeton Gmail account, file attachments are limited to 25MB.


Can I recover deleted Princeton Gmail messages?

Yes, please refer to Delete or recover deleted Gmail messages.


How can I change my display name for my Princeton Gmail account?

You can change the name that's linked to your email address, but not the email address itself. Please refer to Change the name on your Gmail account.


How do I turn off Conversation view in Princeton Gmail?

Go to the General tab of your Gmail Settings, and select the radio button next to Conversation view off.