OpenScholar: Adding users to a site

Site Owners and Site Admins have the ability to add users to their site and also give them editing privileges by making them a Site Admin.

To do this:

  1. Go to the site and log in.
  2. In the Admin Bar, choose Members & Roles.
  3. On the right hand side at the top, click on the green Add a Member button.
  4. In Find an existing user, type the person's name to see if they are already a user on OpenScholar.

If the Site Admin or Site Owner can not find a user when trying to add them, the user will need to create an OpenScholar account. They can create an account in the system by clicking the Admin Login link in the footer of your site. Once they have authenticated through CAS, their username is immediately added to the system. The site admin can then proceed with with adding the user via the Add a Member button.

If there is no Admin Login button on your site, the user can visit the /user/login page for any Princeton OpenScholar site and log in to make their username available to any site in the system.

Once a person is added as a user, they can choose to edit their role on the site by clicking on the edit link next to their name. They can choose Site Administrator, Site Owner, keep the default setting (Site Member), or choose Viewer (viewer can only see the site, not edit, when the site is set to Private).

The Site Owner or Site Admin can remove site members by clicking on the delete link next to their name and confirm the deletion.