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AV Services Charges



Zoom Support

Zoom Support Charges$100 per event 

Classrooms & Events (Effective Jan. 1, 2022)*

up to 2 hoursTiger$200.00 
up to 4 hoursIvy$400.00 
up to 8 hoursNassau$800.00 
Set Up and Pick Up AV Equipment  $100.00

Combo (Broadcast and Classroom & Events)*

up to 2 hoursTiger$375.00 
up to 4 hoursIvy$675.00 
up to 8 hoursNassau$1,200.00 

Broadcast Center Production (Effective Nov. 1st, 2021)*

up to 2 hoursTiger$250.00 
up to 4 hoursIvy$500.00 
up to 8 hoursNassau$1,000.00 

* All events that involve multiple rooms or sessions will have additional fees. Please contact us for more information.


Cancellation Fee*

* Service requests that are not canceled 24 hours before the event will be charged a Cancellation Fee.




Special Service Requests

Post Production$50 per hour 
Video Capture$50 per session 
File Conversion$50 per session 
Editing/Post Production$50 per hour 
MPEG-4 (file for client website)$50 per event 
DVD$50 per event 
Podcast/MP3 (audio only)$50 per event 
Royalty-Free Music$50 per session 

Special Equipment Charge

Jib - Additional Equipment Used by Staff Only$500 per event 

Hourly Services

Broadcast Studio Staff  
Audio Studio Staff Services$50 hour per staff member 
Video Studio Staff Services$50 hour per staff member 
Editing Bay Staff Services$50 hour per staff member 

Media Sales

Media Sales & Masters for Archives  
CD - Additional Copies up to 50 Discs$2.00 per CD 
DVD- Additional Copies up to 50 Discs$3.00 per DVD