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Video Production Services: Policies


Cancellation of service must be received 48 hours prior to the scheduled start time. If we do not receive 48 hours notice, a $200 cancellation fee will apply.

Human Captioning

All videos produced by Instructional Support Services that are destined for public viewing will receive closed captioning provided by the vendor CaptionSync in order to be in compliance with multiple federal and international legal requirements as well as the University’s Policy on Digital Accessibility owned by the Provost’s Office. Captioning services currently cost $2.49 per minute which will be centrally funded by University. Captioning services can take up four days to complete but your Video Production Specialist can advise you if a video can be released to the public with captions to come at a later date.

Exceptions for Human Captioning

- Disposables (temporary videos, special use)

  • Legacy videos (i.e, a backlog of existing videos) not included unless they meet the other conditions

Machine Captioning

All videos that are uploaded to Media Central ( are automatically machine captioned.

Open vs Closed Captioning

Certain social media platforms like Instagram will not accept the .SRT files required to add closed captioning. In these instances, open captioning will need to be added to the video whereby the text descriptions are “burned in” to the video and cannot be removed. In this instance, two videos would be produced, one with closed captions and one with open captions for platform specific usage. Ensure you describe the intended distribution platforms with your VPS representative.

Copyright Footage

Footage provided to the Video Production Support team for editing purposes must adhere to the following copyright rules:

DVD/Dubbing/Duplication Policy

DVD copies for clients are $3/each up to 5 copies for each event if ordered at the time of the original request. If additional DVDs are ordered at a later date, there is a duplication fee of $50 plus the cost of the DVD(s). There is a one-week turnaround for DVD processing and video post-production.

Live Streaming

All Live Streaming events require signed Recording Release and License forms by all licensors. The event will be recorded but will not be released for streaming until forms are provided.  The signed forms must be sent to the Office of Communications prior to the scheduled event. Release forms must be sent to

Location Shoots

If the room lighting is insufficient, post production costs may be increased. The Video Production Support team is not responsible for the failure of equipment that is not managed by our Department.

Off-Campus Events

The Video Production Support team only supports on-campus video recordings.


The Video Production Support team can record performances on a case by case basis. Every effort must be made by the department/organization to contact and receive proper clearance to perform the work.

Recording of Classroom Sessions

Video Production Support can record classroom sessions or entire courses. Such recordings can then be posted within the course web site on BlackBoard. Applicants need to contact Elizabeth Colagiuri for approval.

The Video Production Support team has limited resources to provide this service to departments. We recommend planning ahead and contacting us to reserve a "recording friendly" classroom.

We cannot accommodate student requests for classroom recordings.

Studio Hours

The Broadcast Studios are located on the "A" level of the Lewis Science Library. Normal hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and are closed Saturday and Sunday. For more information contact or call 609-258-7872.

Unedited Footage

All unused/unedited project footage will be saved for 30 days after the completion of a project. If the footage is not requested within 30 days, it will be permanently removed from the Broadcast Center hard drives. The footage can be transferred to a hard drive provided by the department. A $50 transfer fee will apply for this service.

For more detailed information regarding these policies, please contact Video Production Services at or 609-258-7872.

B-ROLL Footage

Any additional b-roll footage shot as part of a client project becomes the property of the Video Production Support.